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  • Miami-Dade Community Kicks Off Jackson Bond Campaign

    On Tuesday, September 18, 2013, Miami-Dade doctors, nurses, hospital support staff, patients and civic leaders kicked off the campaign to secure a public bond modernize Jackson Health System including modern and expanded operating and emergency rooms, construction of a children's ambulatory pavilion, upgrades to patient IT and lifesaving medical technologies and the addition of new neighborhood clinics.

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  • We Are Jackson

    As the premier health system in South Florida for trauma care and recovery, our community’s investment in Jackson will ensure that we will continue to have access to the most cost-effective and highest quality health care by providing state-of-the-art facilities, innovative technology and the best medical staff in the region. Jackson is our community health system and our future. On November 5th voters have the opportunity to secure state-of-the-art health care for generations to come.

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  • For the Children

    Every parent’s nightmare is a hurt or ailing child and a long wait in the ER. Jackson understands this, and, with the bond monies, resources will be dedicated to build a new children’s ambulatory pavilion allowing for expanded and expedited care for our most valuable resources, our children.

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  • "Jackson saved me."

    Jorge Valdes was paralyzed, but after a groundbreaking procedure and follow-up care at Jackson's world-class rehabilition facilities, he walked again. Read the amazing story of Jorge, along with other Jackson Miracles.


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  • Urgent Need for Urgent Care

    There is probably not a patient in South Florida who hasn’t learned that neighborhood urgent-care centers are better than emergency rooms for routine illness and injuries. This bond will enable you to have access to the Jackson health teams right in your own backyard. And, while every center will have the range of medical services, Jackson will attribute specialties and expand care to reflect the needs of the neighborhood surrounding the clinic.

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Miami Herald Says Yes to Jackson Bond

10/14/13 | News Clip

After years of mismanagement and chronic deficits, Miami-Dade’s once ailing public hospital, the Jackson Health System, has become one of the good-news stories of South Florida and has earned the right to ask the community for a vote of support in a bond issue next month.

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Miami's Community Newspapers Endorse the Jackson Bond Initiative

10/10/13 | Press Release

Miami's Community Newspapers, which publishes 13 local neighborhood papers in Miami-Dade, announced that it has endorsed the bond initiative to modernize the Jackson Health System. Click on our In the News section to read the whole story. 

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What We Mean When We Say "Investment"

9/23/13 | Blog Post

A good investment, very simply, reaps returns down the road. And that’s exactly what this bond will do: Everyone in Miami-Dade will benefit from the returns on this investment in the future.  Beyond the obvious improvements to facilities and care throughout the county, this bond will expand the number of patients served throughout the JHS system. More paying patients doesn’t just mean broader health coverage for the community; it means more financial self-sufficiency for the system which saves taxpayers money in the long run.

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Jackson campaign begins for $830 million bond Issue

9/18/13 | News Clip

Health officials and civic leaders on Tuesday kicked off the political campaign to persuade Miami-Dade voters to approve $830 million in upgrades for Jackson Health System, the county’s public hospital network, financed by a property-tax hike.

With a special election scheduled for Nov. 5, voters will hear many messages about Jackson’s life-saving efforts and future plans as part of the campaign, which is led by the political committee Citizens for a Healthy Miami-Dade.

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Your generous donation will assist the Citizens for a Healthy Miami-Dade educate and engage the community to support the Jackson Bond Referendum.

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